Classes I to V: All subjects are compulsory.
Group I : English, Hindi, Math, Science, Punjabi
Group II : Art & Craft, Music
Group III : Computers (Class KG onwards), Physical Education.

Classes VI to VII: While basic curriculum remains the same as above, an extra language is introduced in class VI in Group II. Students can opt for Sanskrit as their third language. In group II Any one subject can be opted. Social Science is started in class VI also.

Classes IX & X:
Six compulsory subjects.
2. Hindi
5.Social Studies
7. Artificial Intelligence/ Information Technology

Promotion to class X is granted on the basis of five subjects mentioned above. Those students who do not belong to Punjab State can opt one subject from Punjabi or Sanskrit. Punjabi subject is compulsory for those students who belong to Punjab State. AI/IT (Skill Education) is another option which students can opt as its 7th subject.

Classes : XI & XII

Academic Options
1. School offers all three streams at the XII level, viz, Medical, Non-Medical, and Commerce.
2. At the XII level a student is required to offer five subjects from the opted stream i.e. 4 Electives + 1

Merit based Scholarship may be granted to new student at the time of Admission as per following criteria.

Stream Compulsory Electives Optional Electives Core Subject Additional
Medical Physics, Chemistry, Biology Computer Science/Physical Education/ Painting English(Compulsory) Painting, Mathematics, Punjabi
Non-Medical Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Computer Science/Physical Education/ Painting English(Compulsory) Painting, Biology, Punjabi
Commerce Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies Computer Science/Physical Education/ Painting English(Compulsory) Painting, Mathematics, Punjabi
Humanities Economics, History, Political Science. Economic, Mathematics, Computer Science Economics, History, Painting Economics, Political Science, Mathematics
  • As per CBSE bye- laws there is no upper limit to the number of subjects a student may offer. However, because of administrative constraints school offers only a limited facility of 5 subjects.
  • Subject once offered in class XI cannot be changed in class XII.
  • Stream/ Subjects can be changed in class XI before July in the same session with the approval of the Principal and subjects to availability of seats.
  • A science student can opted additional Math/ Bio subject but has to be studied privately without any support from the school.

Indian Curriculum: The school is affiliated to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education up to (Grade 12)) board examination.

Medium of Instruction: The teaching methodology incorporates a student centered system of learning. While English is the medium of instruction.

Assessment System: Promotion to the next higher class at the end of the academic year is on the basis of continuous assessment and in accordance with the rules decided by the School Examination Committee.
In Grade IX to XII, students prepare according to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) rules and regulation which is held at the end of Grade XII.

Special Attention Classes: BMPS follows student centric approach instead of syllabus oriented approach. To enhance the capacity and learning ability and to make every student comfortable as per the pace of class. Special attention classes are being organized on off days.