Manager Message

Our Management is determined to create the academic atmosphere in the surrounding locality to bring a positive change in outlook of people. It is the missionary zeal with which BMPS is working and our motive is to serve the society.

Education is an effective tool for any country for Economic , Social and Cultural developments and realizing the national goals. The society is changing dramatically due to the development of science and technology. The 21st century is known as century of knowledge . In this modern society a new mind-set needs to be re[pared for meeting all the changes and challenges of life and education of tomorrow.

Today is important no doubt, but we are concerned with tomorrow to bring more accuracy. Effectiveness and efficiency to do the right things in right manner . Today “Bharat” is in moral vacuum. Bold surgery is needed to treat the nation which was once a great nation.

In Bharat , We all are of the opinion and have firm belief that education is powerful tool :
then why we have not been able to bring the desirable changes in social life ?
Are students learning properly?
Are students responsible and exhibit desirable behavior ?
Are the students and Teachers are committed to improve themselves and the life as a whole ?
Assuredly , Education shall be more open , more effective and more vocal with greater participation of students , Teachers , Parents and the society in dealing with all major issues of Nation and globe.

In BMPS we are whole heartedly focused on time ahead and moving ahead with the futuristic approach to be the solution for all changes and challenges coming on the way to make Bharat – Vishva Guru.

Mr. Keshav Jain
Academic Advisor