Alice Pathania

My Journey with Gyan Gurukul
My two year journey with Gyan Gurukul was golden period of my life. I feel so blessed to be a part of it. It seems like a second home to me. Here i didn’t learn science but lived with science. Gyan Gurukul served as an excellent platform where young sapling nuture into beautiful, grown up tree. It serves a healthy competitive and energetic atmosphere to the students to explore their calibre. Further co-operative and highly educated staff bring out best in them and make them fully determined about their career. I am very grateful to Director Sir and Mam and all the faculty member for always being there for me as a friend, mentor, parent and obviously as an ideal teacher. Each day spent with Gyan Gurukul help me earned lot many things, which are valuable for my entire life. It was really a privilege for me to be a Gurukulite. This golden journey proved as a boom to me A big THANKS to Gyan Gurukul
With Regards